Barbara Lange

Barbara Lange holds a chair of art history at Tuebingen University. Having started her academic career at Kiel University she first became professor at Leipzig University before moving to Tuebingen in 2006. For many years postwar art in Europe is one of her main interests. Her particular focus is on the role and function of art for the forming of our identities. With the research for this project she continues in the line of this focus, whereas discussions of genuine questions of aesthetics and its power add a new direction as well.

Marco Barbero

Marco Barbero studied Italian literature and linguistics at University Roma Tre. He continued to study art history at University La Sapienza in Rome, where he gained his master degree in January 2019. His master thesis on the I. Congresso Internazionale dell'industrial design (Milan 1954) is the starting point for his Ph.D. project on industrial design in Italy in the 1950s, focused on its impact on postwar society.

Theresa Köhl

Research student