Ongoing projects

1. Our book project – Rethinking Postwar Europe.

Editors: Barbara Lange, Christian Fuhrmeister, Dirk Hildebrandt and Agata Pietrasik


2. Our Colloquium 2018/2019 – Art and Technology.

Concept: Barbara Lange, Paul Ambros and Elisabeth Weiß

finished Projects

 1. Our Colloquium  2017/2018 – Rethinking Europe

Concept: Barbara Lange, Paul Ambros, Hanna Diedrichs gen. Thormann, Kathinka Tischendorf and Elisabeth Weiß


2. Our Conference – Rethinking Europe: Artistin Production and Discourses of Art in the Late 1940s and 1950s.

Concept: Arnold Bartetzky, Marina Dmitrieva, Barbara Lange and Tanja Zimmermann