Prof. Dr. Barbara Lange

Chief. Barbara Lange holds a chair of art history at Tuebingen University. Having started her academic career at Kiel University she first became professor at Leipzig University before moving to Tuebingen in 2006. For many years postwar art in Europe is one of her main interests. Her particular focus is on the role and function of art for the forming of our identities. With the research for this project she continues in the line of this focus, whereas discussions of genuine questions of aesthetics and its power add a new direction as well.

Kathinka Tischendorf M.A.

PhD Student. Kathinka Tischendorf is jointly responsible for the organizational processes of the project. As a PhD student she focuses on a monographically , arthistorically as well as image theoretically oriented analysis of Pietro Donzelli’s works. The photographer took a stand against facism by dealing with the societal ills of post war Italy in a productive way which has shaped its image until today.   

Elisabeth Weiß

Research Student. Elisabeth Weiß is MA student of Art History in Tübingen. Within the project, she is working on the publications and designing and maintaining the project’s website. Additionally, she is also co-organising the project’s conference in February 2018. She has been studying the history of the 20th century since her early youth. Now, the analysis of the role of art, as both, reflector and actor in the reorganization in the postwar time, is connecting many of her personal interest. 

Paul Ambros

Student Assistant. Paul Ambros is a student of art history and rhetoric at the university of Tübingen. As the student assistant, he is tasked with procuring literature and helps with the preparations for the project’s conference. Since his first semesters he is concerned with post war art; right now focusing on Tamar Getter, a contemporary artist from Israel in the context of his Bachelor’s thesis. 

Hanna G. Diedrichs gen. Thormann

Research Student. Hanna Gabriela Diedrichs genannt Thormann is a trained photographer and MA student of Art History within the MA-profile "museum and collection" at the University of Tübingen. Her tasks as a research student are to help with the organization of the project's conference and to work on the publications. Her personal focus of study is on 20th century art with a special interest for photography as an artistic medium and the negotiation processes of the post-1945 art world.